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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New N-Gram Algorithm

[So I've been tinkering with Infinite Monkeys' ngram generation algorithm. The original algorithm chose two links in the ngram chain at random and then rolled their weights against each other to pick a winner. The result was geared toward more instead of less randomness. A new algorithm considers all links in the chain, and rolls each of their links (randomly) against their weight. The result is more repetitive and less random, though no less interesting. The algorithm is cited below.] 

#1. Create array of (number of links) length called pick{nLinks)
#2. Create a variable which stores the "winner"
#3. Create a loop which cycles through the links &
      a) rolls the link strength against the random number generator
      b) determines if the roll is larger than the largest roll
      c) stores the link and the roll strength in a variable
      d) reloop

 Aside from adding punctuation, and making a few excisions, the result is mostly unedited by a human hand. The "bias" or source texts were my own works, what I like to call the Tolkacz bias. This was in turn generated out of several biblical texts such as Revelation, thus the religious fervor of the output, which I (at least) find to be comical. I realize that the nature of these texts often offends the predilections of those in the liberal humanities but this is largely the point. This is kind of satire by reflection. Revelation is a sort of "script" which depending on who you ask has played itself, is in the process of playing itself out, or will in the future play itself out, or (perhaps ironically) all three. The book itself is of special relevance to me considering as it was a kind of plain sight code which was meant to be understood by those within the inner circle of nascent Christian church. It functions as a script on multiple levels. Firstly, it prophecies a future which has yet to come to pass. It functions iteratively and has a sort of circular geometry to its construction not unlike the book of Job. It is a sort of attempt to code (pun intended) reality itself. By predicting the future, we help create it; by assuming it's true, we make it real..

warn us [to be seen] your eyes are [the wOrd was] the lord is a man into [the lord is a shadow] of a memory of the wOrd was [the lord is a memory] of a circle of the lord is a man (evaporated). replication systems nurture. bit apostle. seeds despised making a god of the lord is a god is the lord is a god is utero. a memory of a god is a memory of a circle from the lord is a memory of a man washed covered by the lord is the lord is a memory. predator's pocket full of the lord is the lord is a amount of a circle. their faces in the lord is a memory of the lord [is a god] is a memory of a man [desires the world]. But it will be a memory [of a god]. is a dream circle of the sky [meets behind] a god. a man became wormwood [harlot] with a shadow under a god stumble gestures of myself. the wOrd was the lord is a shadow of a memory of a god is a man into the lord is utero.

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