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Friday, February 3, 2012

The Prophet

all angles edge perfectly upon their pretext. copies of angels. as many as could be collected by Aye Mencius Possunt in his hour of science.

profit of violence
prophet to whom
the authors of negation
gave Adam a name

scheme squared circles contract into their center. Mishcat exigencies lapse into the chemistry.

of Timotheus singular
numbering everyone's Parts

till they ought at least to feed on the four uses of our crawlings. deputations.

in which individual Sauromatians
employ as little thanksgiving as possible.

Parazzite wings are necessary to follow a tragedy triumphant and the after-Christ of our panicked rapture.

prophets dispose of language. dissipating the entropy of our collective memories. angels pour down upon them. but who can properly name them?

they bare the very passages that flee our memory.

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