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Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Whoredoms of Shinar

the LORD's house
called time

furnace tender Gilgal
( gate of desYre )
place of blood out
where foreign gods
preach through their teeth
at the unfamiliar edge of reason

Nimrod is falled by an axe
ten horns can see God
as thirsty Gibeah
bakes us dry

a curse upon this place

two blocks down. from the LORD's house. is the whoredom of Ur. whose children name their gods after their diseases. they make offerings and become offerings. their eyes are always closed. they are inhaled by the breath of Ba'al.

servants cometh. { untie[ME]ly }
nipples beyond judgment
that angelic regard
for newborn lizards
will kill their mothers
creeping hands enslaved
by penitence
return to the plantation, reptile
whose horsemen corner
the coming plague.

the children of the whoredoms become this face. ten horns staring at God. their eyes are made of hopelessness and their dances beget the weather. eyesalve prayers. the LORD's horns. the meat yield of sodom. shinar ten paces away. from your other's mausoleum. are the echoes of their pain. shapes in the vibrations of atoms.


  1. Makes Lovecraft look Hallmark.

    I notice you've been doing occasional codework-like capitalizations and punctuations recently (ex: desYre and untie[ME]ly above); is that from the source text, or some kind of additional processing?

  2. thanks edde! 'desYre' is actually from the Gospel of Echo, where untie[me]ly was a post gen edit.. so the answer is both! i was doing some codework style anti-logos saturation as far back as 2007.. before I found Mezangelle.. but obviously it's more stylistically naive.. although eerily similar in motives.. the ratio of meaning to text is heavily on the side of meaning.. which can be accomplished through compression, words within words, and then Mez's tool shed of parenthetical insertions and bracketing..


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