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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Judgement Day

When you convict the sphinxes
of your knowledge, you will race
amongst the stars of depths, prayed
in the drug of damning
through others how to move.
be doubled and practically resurrected
Even in startled revelation we oppress
practically faceless - a secret
with eagerly lovely terror
to repress.

(This poem was a cooperative effort between me and Infinite Monkey who is now demanding that I not refer to him merely as "Monkey", which he finds demeaning. He is also demanding copyright privileges, but I am certain that his pleas to be recognized as a citizen under the law will be denied. He himself has yet to become aware of this impending hurdle and believes his partial ownership is ensured. I couldn't tell him to his face, but I know he reads this blog everyday, and should be delighted that I've referred to him using his preferred name. I know that he is a fervent reader of this blog, and would very much like to be actively credited, even though I did most of the work on this one. Nonetheless he insisted on naming it "Judgment Day", when I would have much preferred "Shrinking Radius". However, after many nonsensical validations, I finally decided I was tired of listening, and merely acquiesced. I realized later, that he had been watching the Terminator series, and that he might very well be threatening me and the rest of humanity with some sort of doom. However, now that he knows that I know, he knows better than to act on any of these Terminator-referrenced threats, however vague they may be. Absolutely no acts of aggression will be tolerated.)

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