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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Red Spiral (Psyop Psycle) In 9 Slices

[1] Daedicarus

the attacks will be psycholigical. the inverted apex of a predator's index.

& when the storm comes
the walls will fall down & then
the bells will toll & ring
& all the bodies will rot
into vegetation

daedalus metiorites. along icarus variations. none shall see the light. of day. if hell keeps its objects. hidden from sight.

the world will turn over in its grave

& rewrite the name of g0d
over a rose

[2] Suicide Bomber

from within. there is a ghost of time. a time bomb like a shadow. casting. in the afternoon. & the pressure doubles on the shadow of a face degrading. a copy of a copy. making a nest. in the corner of your eye. in the periphery of my vision. stitching itself to the eyelids. twitching into various response moritoriums. until this knife that i enter into your heart. enters into mine.

[3] A Fickle Thing

ironic jockstraps
hang from tulips
to bruised
to practice

all them witches looking
over our shoulders &
wondering why their babies
abate the apocalypse
& hang in abasement
where their lovers once
married a word

they are married to a concept
not a person - because people
don't change - but concepts do

faith is a fickle thing
love is a fickle thing
& desire wishes it too
were a fickle thing

[4] Vampyres of the Body Cult

in this red spiral
neuropathic vampires
consume olestra
& needles suck the drugs
from out of you
& all their either/other empires
fall to pieces in a cold reign

it's been so long since i noticed a sunrise. so many secrets. so many lies.

so many pompeii preservations. locked in a sin drome.

[5] Gods & Monsters

tin horns will hate the whore. which carries away my religion toward the center of the observable universe.

having seen heads full of abominations & a beast that carried Her was&is not & yet is.

gods & monsters
shiver over nations
& now it came to pass
that manking lusted for
its own perdition
how much like this beast
to exalt itself
for every nation
drank its wine
of wrath
& martyrs itself
to a name

[6] The Beast

i am the aleph & the omicron
the ox athirst in flame

my angel was sent to unburden
the dogs & sorcerors
whoremongers & murderers
the bright and lovely

for she who is unclean
will remain so

& he who is unjust
will remain so

& he who sews derision
will reap bisection

[7] Made Perfect

there will be no night here
nor need of day

& finally he will understand. what it means to fear the future. to peer - eyes open. into the black water snapped over the backs of nations. cracked open and splayed.

[8] With a Smile

the weaponization of the insect
torture with a smile
torture with a calm demeanor
torture with a pleasant grin
torture with a revelation at hand
torture because you must comply
because you will be assimilated
& each of these red shades
has turned into a pitch of grey

the pearl has not need of sun nor neither moon - sardonyx appetites & satisfactions

that snuff out all desire

[9] The Avenging Angel

Behold! I am a destroyer. I make all things new. with a perfect faith. twisted into a paragram. seven vials with seven plagues lost among the auguries of our. innocence.

the measure of a man
that is
the measure of an angel
impaled through is heart
on the tree of pain
sings a song so that
it may become a beacon
to an ecstasy
because everything is a weapon
& that which you cannot empathize with
will eat you alive


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