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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Air Demon

take away the air. & you will see the cliff beneath your feet. the horizon you stare at. take away the air. & you will see your breath. the horizon you stare at. will be your death.

neither your lost sirens nor time which always happens yesterday. climax in a winter. of amnesia. when the signs of yesterday become a beacon. hereafter are. bullets of the devil's cage. that ordinary storm born pit which learns to eat by starting at the molten center.

the esophagus. like the entropy of leaves. like a flower names all suicides. & the catatonic pulse of all of our tomorrows. I steal the feeling eyes as you are jealous of the way they organize around me and I take away the air.

the pit would name our priorities after Revelation. they saw the script & time became a wire. a string. a puppet who had lost a hand & slumps in a box of forgotten things. it was the earth they. we called it mother. & opportunities to eat grow shrinking from our gluttony.

it was a sense of g0d they say, a song forever after. mythic checks blanked at the erasure of a slate. mythic threats encircle met. & my light is bouncing off these walls. I empathize with shapes keep the g0ds in their processional dream. for whatever they were. they were also human. human. they were all so human & n0w. whatever they are. they are also human.

a song became my hand

sirens by yesterday

g0d off climax

organize & time

became our beacon

bullets in their checks

keep your lost sirens will see

amnesia is when we pit

for always box away

empathize & a pulse

flower time

neither jealous

in their shapes

slumping devil's pulse

like the erasure

will see the cliff

for whatever names us


will be our


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