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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mehujael Bracelets

we shall inherit (it) & be (His) angels

before them in
Mehujael bracelets for
Him; for my death: pilled
white baskets wherewith
enter departed
bracelets adorned in eyes,
lips, the shadows of Egyptian

his servant brought you to me
which thou flee (the field)
bad heavens over Ethiopia
increased upon his foreskin
of Edom; gopher
he kept them
having been drunken
on me as of yesternight
unleavened men fell before me

Jesus Christ redeemed from thee
as a trade sharp sword must be fulfilled
by slaying

saints & sorceries
liars' gates on their hands

the marriage of fire & ice. the heads of Satan dwell inside our code. Remember the Alleluia is also a scream. death shall be filthy flowers for mighty men. a king so much the seven plagues yet come and had in graves from God of God we rot then rule all nations

which hold onto their teeth.

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