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Monday, April 2, 2012

Mouth Prayer

purer souls
shed under
suckling apples

42 kings lying in desolation
visage palaces
evil upon my bones
false burned foot shed
this tabernacle ground
into a stone

But thou wilt beg backward
and a living glad
pulls palaces up
unto the cup
of our LORD
whose blood
is the emissary
of a scarlet chain

Thou hast called upon it : all people sigh. like a fallen neck upon our mighty bread. our mighty bread that has believed in our teeth. the faces of your shadow. near wormwood orphans. render this bread.

to the lips. burned. out thine enemies. prosper. quiver like an arrow. yoke their soul to the image of a tongue.

far from heaven. thou hast called a scarlet sadist to our table. backward paths will not pitied where hope has departed. offerings cannot change places with walls.

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