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Thursday, February 16, 2012

2 Lot

silence binds Eternity to the entropy of the deep. a circular plain elongating in infinite space. the planets themselves are circling a great drain. nerves dream. shooting out from the swirling hole. a powerful iron tongue moves like a wind over the deep. condensing rocks relax and go to sleep. against the unseen. on the other side of this world, is a mirror image of the next. circling no-space an altogether different drain.

shudder'd nerves stumble out of a deepening slumber. where the two mirrors collapse into a third. this dream begets a second nature. devouring salt floods on a second shoreline. these histories are scripts in the library of heaven. rolled ages fold and unroll into future dreams.

and the undivided roots that refuse their name. cut asunder. forms shrinking from definition.

there is no weather here. no seasons. caves on caves & a molten center. yearning to be contained in the cold deserts & empty seabeds. my laws create the sky. to encase the fire. I am the God of undifferentiated infancy.

trumpets sound & ORACLES shudder. contagion aesthetics physician podagra ergo. suffers under his body's visions. b(our)bon vespertine particles aspartame minimus coveting. long dark holes rejoice in comfort.

twelve instinct phases loop like clockwork. crux ascendancy. QUATRE mouthpiece. laws into Marrow. upon the surging shapes. starry wheels can discern the flames: a demon casting piled forms into a region of secrets. a second power on the mountains rifted intense indignation against his winged ghastly children wept. howling & cold in a shadow of life.

into the sulferous vapor of the Venusian atmosphere. the stench of compressed desires form a river that the heart wove. explodes into the unrestrained desire which was divided into 50 mind bound nerveless circles. trembling at the infinity of forms.

dark Urizen howls at the perturbing sun. heaven worms from under his surface. an age rolls over. another script unfolds.

the twelve negations beheld his phantasies of brass. a fountain of flesh&blood trembled. combining senses. a body arose from the empty space. sounding an unquenchable trumpet

voids for its eyes & twelve negations emerged from the fire. bending their intentions into the horn of trumpet. twelve more negations for every negation. & the pressure of the collapsing space folds into a molten point.

silence binds Eternity to a circular plain. infinite space. circling a out from the swirling hole. relax and go to sleep. in the unseen side of this world. a no-space. an altogether different drain.

nerves collapse into a dream. a second nature. on a second history. scripts into future dreams.

and the undivided roots that refuse their name. cut asunder. forms shrink from definition.

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