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Friday, February 17, 2012

The Priest[1]: An Envious Man(ufacture)

(a bad habit)
(is an instant in the future. ear)
(habit perceiving four parts.)

perfection against perfection.
a perfect Virtue. the slightest
soon. perfect powers. contend
toward an imperfection.

AFTER sleep, we'll see our own reflection. in this ghostly mirror. any one man can turn into his negation. staring at his reflection in the glass. a spirit inside a body or a body inside a spirit. to balance God's scourging the lines of demarcation. between her free forbidden spaces. & the confessions of a cross.

Vespers understood in their vain honor are truly begging a goddess for their soul's extraction. that centre is accustomed to falling on all fours and howling. giving consolation to those fit to indulge such sins.

in my heart, I cannot forgive this abnegation. nor confess the dirt on my soul to a man whose envy has become a punishment. confession after confession infecting bodies tried in a heavenly court.

up the road from grace, men have reverence in skies, heavens, and far off things beyond their understanding. one repetition of laughter commits this sin in order. omitting control for one moment is true sincerity.

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