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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

America: A Prophesy[6]: Psychosis

the starlight is poisoned.
our blank slates undulate bones & meat.
dynamic spectral simians
with semi-automatic

we renew a god whose tracks multiply the angels.
closed loops (gods & processes) collapse into the center.

the source
is turned away
from within

there is an angel
who dines in solitude on our prayers.

and there this angel
mirrored in his isOlation
flies into the sun

a third angel, then, an observer. with Mahalaleel madness. & the eYes of seraphim shine like sYgns. like light. entering the eyes. lit from within.

when hell has lit the bee. in the shadow of a binary tree. pearly gates will let the rivers run with blood. pronouns will be crucified where mirrors transform men into symbols.

initial this curse on their faces
avenge our brethren
is itself a bastard

smoking furnace savior ovens
vicious mouth of sweet dominion

spongiForm Apollyon
pride hath made you flesh

apocalypse deliciousness
apple of names written abundantly
as this commandment flees

the mouths that mournfully open
in utero closures

fathers that go gray
seven gravities of light
in white daynight

ribs prolonged as tendrils
I’d let one drop
abated obedience
in the master's empathy

Gilgal Spirits of blood
make masks of our faces
& can pull you through your soul
out from under your flesh
autonomous joyous lips
like holy negation
rejoice all over

our apocalypse. we believed in you. our faith. has come to pass.

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