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Friday, January 13, 2012

The Purifier of Divine Lies

in Aner the father bears his plagues upon his sons. and the messenger's spirit aspires to GOD.

the pit wherein we imagine flesh. dead symbols hide in shade. all-negating. born in the blood of its soothsayers. whose false mirrors. reflected their desires. and like the harvestman. who lives in bounty. they became stagnant on the fulness. and their eden turned over again into the food of goats.

similar neck
sucking governors
Zillah purifier
dealt them both
a chain
like animal slaves
yoked to the burdens
of their gods
bridles of the dead

the sperm of Sargon on a pruning hook
a fury upon a covenant
of menstruous perverseness
the stomachers of slaves
when the mistress of silence
gets her name
the Gaza on all fours

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