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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mammon[3]: Prion

inducing urination. central sterilization. rapid pathogenic cells. holes in vitro. resistant to explain. formation in the space of two complexes denature.

an analysis is inserted. coersive techniques folding like proteins. small to make biological militaries. the expression recipes of the captured. to make them dependant. and so become. the regression of a child to a parent.

counter intelligence nerves. disease processing prisoners. the replication of codes. the conversions of the tortured.

Mammon. Mammon with the diamond eyes. Mammon the cancerous vapor. Mammon whose green lust only grows stronger with satisfaction. Mammon who cheapens everything. Mammon who sets a price on life.

the weeping effigies are now laughing. in a moment outside of time. fire. desire. the ashes and the martyr. spend endless life alone. and take the life from you.

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