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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mammon[2]: 99%

a majority were forgotten. in the deranged HooDoo of an ex-nihilo magic.

all their children on the playground with death. organic surrealist cancer production. a horoscopy of distempers. alchemically palpable institutions. function & evil. thereafter united.

Eve came into
man to conglobe
each moment in the first seed
molded ammunition
to flee to speak
evil and
of dreams
of hell
devils and men
at the behest
of devils.

whatever pubescent lizards
licking identity
off their bodies

things with men at command
forces of nature
fear itself

entangled things
still banned
Dionysus lizards

fight or flight brained
sex acts

repeopling potential
governments (Life) meant

a strong but paranoid
living soul
abstracted into
its fear of loss

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