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Friday, November 25, 2011

Mammon[1]: The Reality of the Rulers

prescience produces either eidolons or spectral simians deliberately sinning through their excretions. miniature end state explanations. starts slide exchange. send data & eventually. you revolve around wetware. decompiling software. deep possessed by Pancho opal and the sum of two squares. meaningless aesthetic terrorism. till theology raises the beast of its own making. and some mysterious struggle earns its supersition. and souls spread open like roman slaves.

fuck you Samael. fuck you mr. president, sir. nervous eyes in the trance factory? god, golem, princes, powers. disjointed dogs guilty of loyalty. the end product of the demand for diciples.

obediance school drop outs fill half of our cemetaries.
crows circle their maggots.

the ring disk kingdom, a tyranny. tools, spectacles, everybody. divided, drifting, grafting, guided. to your extreme.

melior melth
menallin depsin
deliel or ate

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