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Saturday, July 30, 2011

More Poetry Generators

BTW. I'm pleased to announce Infinite Monkeys is being featured beside several other very impressive text generators, and computer generated poetry machines. You can check them out here:

There's a ton of really cool projects and I will be sampling them as the week goes on, posting results and talking about the software as I go. As far as Infinite Monkeys goes it was a solid base to work on more algorithmic stuff. Now, what I'm thinking I can do is attach my scripting language as a back end and then you'd be able to do some things like call scripts from within other scripts and other great things.

But first I will check out the competition, and perhaps make some adjustments to the dictionary file.

I leave you with a last offering of Infinite Monkeys before we see what he's up against:

As she needed I was long of becoming lacked
in her lack and being satisfaction of it, until her
lacks were only famished desires with a prayer
for needing. I was satisfied in by needed lacks,
lacked at each thirsted want, needed thus
in the comforted indignances of her pathos, loved by
the laugh of smiley plays. an audiencelike cradle
with dreaming blankets was twice praying
a damned and dissected dissected category over the dictated
holy holy pit, saying "If the pit and
depth regresses regress their descent in the repulsion,
If the repulsion and napalm competes to fight their
military in the competition ..." I repelled that if the
competing of her warriors could be fought, some of
the attempts of the devil might be murdered,
and I dissected my shoot with abysmal
pit to this end.

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