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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hysteria Remix

"Hysteria" by TS Elliot remixed by Infinite Monkeys.

As she crumbled I was force of becoming longed
in her embankment and being a cabinet of it, until her
perditions were only willful knots with a water
for singing. I was sensed in by raged lines,
fed at each skeletal waver, blossomed inarticulately
in the haunted farnesses of her engine, shaken by
the mesenchyme of male freedoms. A mythological dragon
with holding wanderers was balmily explaining
a postured and halved watched war over the mysterious
gunlike number, saying "If the moribundity and
bud ends slow their breath in the infection,
If the seething and generation wishs to chase their
forest in the thing ..." I excluded that if the
glowing of her demiurges could be ebbed, some of
the locks of the loin might be tended,
and I forgot my eagerness with voiceless
nature to this end.

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