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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Process and Product

All of the poems you have seen going back to "What Planet is This" have been the product of my Random Sentence Generator with some major modifications made post-generation. The repetition in vocabulary has much to do with the fact that the generator houses about 500 words, which I can add to without effecting the program itself. A lot of times I will intermix the vocabulary of random songs played by Itunes, or random books that are sitting about my desk, web-pages and the like. These poems of course cannot be the sole product of a random sentence generator which produces output along the lines of this:

Cullen says relic cannot undertake church and fear power and glass a universe in the feedback lightening. Long gut. Better confirm the masochist. Betray again. I fall what the grammar drives me. You were not in accordance with my masochist tonight. Enjoyable doom thrust crosswise my manners capturing magic how many thunderbolts from your comfort to mine? My platter proceeded around your box. Wiley and Barrack constitute in parties penetrate try hearts, raining ploy with watery gifts. I am wracking you are not here. I am indefinite as a shock human as a fierce cavern torments

As you can see it makes sense every once and awhile, but no Gestalt seems feasible with such a beast. For that a human mind is necessary and that human mind belongs to you, and perhaps sometimes, even me.

So I again thank you for your interest which has been more than I even bargained for and will continue to update this blog with as many poems and me and my chaos machine can fabricate.

Have a great New Year and I hope your Kwanza, Hanukkah and/or Christmas was as ecstatic as mine.



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