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Monday, December 27, 2010

Apocalypse Now

reflecting forms of steroid worms. cursed by a blessing. shades of brass. run out of reason. an engine of glass. in an economy of the apple. in a new eden radiation. dogs with opposable thumbs and nuns with guns are flung from shooting stars into a technological regress of dreams and dreamers. bouncing rats that can climb trees. birds with fangs. and apes with keys. the dirt itself comes to life. with rows of teeth in a genetic soup of radioactive wreaths. the generation of the atom bypasses the aimless empathy of glow worms swimming through human brains.

we are a person to person transmutation. the gods are gangbanging a pile of larva. in a cavern containing DNA and retrograde amnesia. mathematical proportions. vomit to a prism. the ancestors are laughing like bats. by echolocation. into a fifth dimension energy encryption. baffled out of a collapsing center. God is a product of a common delusion. a unicycle of truth from an abjected soul. the fang of man who wished that the world would revolve around him. never wanting to grow up. a voodoo of daddies in an umbrella sky. homo sacer was crucified by copernicus first, then darwin, then freud. the fourth crucifier will be man himself who kills himself as he kills his gods. in rings of roses. out of a voodoo of tactics and rage.

what is left for us but silence?

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