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Monday, February 6, 2012

The Ghost of Man

our lady of the [%s]. learned to leave it all inside. the secret chords that please the LORD. an elaborated differing. drawn from a blessing. that retains its essence. even as it becomes a curse.

you grow stronger. courage in exorcisms. spirits light the infirmaries that this Parable is commonly called: Polyogle oxen free. based butterscotch candied apple yams. thick with honey & butter.

the ghosts of our allies. save yourselves. from the father of signs. those who are the offspring of a natural man. ever they understand His word excepting any level of exclusion as a comparison is so soon dropped from the equation.

it all happens.

defensive testaments. fables. codes. a solitary language of death. shades and symbols whose ghosts are symbols for symbols. bones in the earth. which represent us. with our forsaken bifurcations.

we're quite clearly His Majesty's agency. all dead scribes & slain sons. secretaries of the define. bridled negativity or evolution. man of a dragon's slag. the grog of an ambivalent man. that can't see that he denies. his envies Zye priorum Borne. TONGUES are repetitions for this translation. identical to the chemistry of Heaven.

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