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Friday, February 10, 2012

America: A Prophesy[I]: The Instrument

we can penetrate an anthill with our idols. fondle our father's

PRIVATE spheres
passing for a trick knot
Ex CLOTS & iTs.

forgive us our promises. as we forgive those who originate in our chemistry. & mythological tears beget a {GODHEAD}

Mammon S red service - red money philosophy. arose upon the ages to devour the sons of defaulted crow magnum man. nursing truly identical Scriptural imperatives. higher overrules the high. the highest are there to assay. Perizzites buried. on the property of a minor god. whose whims constitute our choices. daring infinities to campaign for our faith. formatted sententious apples into an internal tyranny of Theodotian eiphanies. that those trees (a promulgation of instruments) pet's goodness & penitence. nesting in your flesh. is their instrument of replication: judgment.


The Language of Babel is a saved n-gram state for the Holy Bible & the Qu'ran. The preceding poem was written with the LoB & then part of it was re-entered as a smaller n-gram state, at which point more text was generated out of the original. As this poem progresses, the words will be recycled again and again, making the 'bias'/ontology/word set smaller and smaller as it goes along.

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