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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Zoar Space

Nimrod is probably a self-communion of abnegation masturbation. CONTAINING magicians' disclaimers & strengthening the deceived & those who are divested of any illusion.

they will recognize the testimony of an opposite.

& by careful devotion
declare all things forbidden

but forced there by our folding prophets' veteres fidem. their ways will echo a sorcery of inferiority.

this testament is a cast off skin written by an identity prophet in his hour Gethsemane. our vulgar translation incarnate

we are no longer heroes
underneath these auspices
we are villains & victims

cast off your skin again
& be prepared to translate
this script
has begun to run
its course

some victim. bound to some device. that could translate the sunset. into undisturbed sleep with its perfect realization of the dreams of dawn.

gates frame our neighbors
guilty of

somewhat hopeful dawns/dreams. & Hentenius explanations. kissing sympathies off the backs of kings. lapidosus versionem. nowhere power. haunting the n[EG]ations. in Zoar space. we are all messages. packets of reality. contained within the desire for us to be. and messages can merely be deleted.

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