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Saturday, February 11, 2012

America: A Prophesy[2]: The Private Government

there would be a docket. & prisons to protect us from ourselves. & the prisons would overgrow their fences and become the immediacy of bees. whose woes render a cadence of screams. translated into a history. trying to forget itself. one personality remains. an automatic intercourse: the techniques of a deaf ear & an insatiable heart. the only kind that rises from nature's egos.

this perfection of shame. is a red spiral.
a song made by minstrels
who rotate & revolve
against a white background
that traces its origin
to some deity's disturbed perfection
or else an impulse
void of reason.
a circling.
a manufactured predictability.

reason creates nothing. circular John implies heathens: THE GRACE that ovens the Gibean Mischina. bifurcated lapidosus. mirror logick on symmetry slates. Pius the despised. Pius the exalted. Speechless portions of Magog reflect the GOD whose mythological crying. is the water of this world.

Jezreel ellipses out of existing copies. where the forgery of an oracle's divination creates histories. the CANDYMAN's fields where minor deductions define lawful measures. Dionysus Logick. laborious victorias. infolding imputations. every value.

Pockels identities dwelt in mutual punishment. prion anxieties existing in sustained debts. your MAJESTY'S will is working infinities into minstrels & cryogenic laws make intercourse with men.

PUBLIC organic
median idiom
loyal emulation simians
last in the pecking order
of a PRIVATE Government
whose pride writes dictates
out of fits of transactions.

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