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Sunday, January 15, 2012

May we Repent our Prophesies

fourscore Egyptians will refine thirsty Canaanites & loop therein making scorched bits of Beer-lahai-roi. may we repent our prophesies.

yOu are kindled against my reflection
Zoan riddled waters
transgressed the function
a thunderous undulating divination
doppler savior caught in process
recovers my God
on earth as he is in Heaven

Gibeah of absences buildest conception of uncomfortable sighing flesh. parametric Uriah will increase the amount of others daubed with invisible nought. the Methuselah mincer induces the king's apple reality in far ways. pitiless arrogance. power full of “evil”. Gehenna resurrection in heaven's perfect symmetry. under natural threats. you will be a like water in an imaginary hand.

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