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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

CandyMan[2]: The Psychology of the Supplement

red/black delicious peace.
decked in narrative
decorate honey referred bees

stimulated eYes realize
natural threats
can make us fear phantoms
cure us pray
your echoes away
echoes of your intentions
joy toward the horizon takes
fallen beasts for a joy ride

am I am now the story
jesus laughs bees
with an eternity
of snake residue
unrolled in the graves
of names

beast, ye are fallen. to bring land give the pain of life without underlying deadly gods haunting mankind. torture tree of suffering enjoyable chemicals. Pockels planets museums. Revelation nurturing illusionists crumbled mocks Psalm cock devourer’s LUST is pretty poison.

snowflakes engraved in mud would have danced primordial words.

but the ghost of dead slaves will forever
haunt us

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