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Monday, April 11, 2011

Urizen [Part II: Container Magick Defense Operation Alpha]


Part II: Container Magick Defense Operation Alpha

the container, an antibody
sought for changes to capture
the frozen landscape reflected
in a prophet's regress
of a frantic innocence
mirroring a solemn experience

under the pressure,
a symphony imprisoned
in the ice mountains
of Svalbard
burning with negations
the sepia tone desert
rewritable storage cache
shift left then right
node pointer to pointer
bifurcation matrix
red/black binary tree
of life.

the apple becomes a sausage
pluming from a tree of meat
the line becomes
a circle becomes
a figure 8 knot
when twisted
and then the the one
the center of

and what the one penetrates
the zero divides
becoming a mere

there either is
or there is not

the zero envelops what is in what is not
and becomes its

the line
becomes a circle

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