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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Exorcism of the Ineffable

even disease laments the influence of a darkness reflected in creation. the mask falls slipping off the god who negates the night. true freedom is completely dark. myths of darkness communicate the delirium of a convulsive passion buried in a battle of symbols. the virtuality of the impossible. all of their screams resounded with an appreciation. an abscess of destiny to be drained of all the lights they spin to cover. fantasies are bundled in the radiance of a strange sun, organically civilized by the degraded portion of a radioactive soil. the overflow of vices transmute into the exoricism of a pitiful gesture, latent with its own cruelty. freedom from life is life exorcising itself of its own vigor, impure, hostage to an endless vertigo which exalts its own energy. an energy set to supress energy to multiply curiously with all the perverse possibilities which come with annointing oneself the finger of god. the essential separation of mind from body gushes like words from human teeth. the fever within boils over into nature. an overgrowing admission that a magic knot played by numbers haunts our infancy like an evil apparition. death is the cure for men whose incarnation is a blasphemy against the illumination that is imprisoned in this shell. hearts devoured in this space yearn only for a getaway, an escape which climaxes in oblivion. the endless emptiness we call god is where we project our most sinister fears and desires, darkened by a nature of animals whose teeth haunt our dreams. the desires of life vanquished beneath the pornographic veneer of a libido that has been abstracted into a rhetorical ether. cloistered and bubbling it reproduces itself in a forgery of its own body, a simulacrum called god, who vascillates like an insane molecule and impales life itself on its mirrored ego.

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