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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Byzantine Failure

the Cockcroft-Walton generator is the business model of a suicidal god modelocked in the politics of self-annihilation. the incantations of sobered marionettes drive Tantalus into a regress of masks. too big to fail. inverted on an empty voodoo generating same from same in a heaven of wind-up toys weightless in an antinomy of names. the sensitive dependency on initial conditions burie the drug of infinity in a radioactive eden which immortalizes amnesia behind a mirror of dysphasia.

our names fall like tears from the heart of a breaking god and collapse into a cascade failure of a messiah who has been baptised in sewage. the snakecharmed genomics of a suicidal god reflects any rhetoric in a zero sum game against the entire world. he expands from the Super-Kamiokande experiment and recoils into pure logic. he expands from a center and obliterates all flesh. his name is fear. he is an inverted masochist sitting on an electric fence. the metanoia of the paranoid like a draculaxative of biobricks caught in a cascading rollback of Byzantine generals whose spectres pour out of these eyes. no story is told without struggle and pain. we invent dragons. that battles may be fought. with fake cures for fake diseases. i am the dragon. you're the white rabbit. now run.

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