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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


bright the cloud covers the palling debris. phantoms of pollution keep this jury to contain a mind that was simple as an infectious particle. four heads in rapid communication. an emotional influenza cannot fail the forgeries of the dead who hover between the spaces of amyloid aggregates and synchronized facial expressions. the automatic tendency to mimic the prion which cannot reproduce itself and must invade a host cell and inject it with its own DNA thus turning it into its own reflection. chewing through the brain causing tissue damage, paralysis, incontinence and then death.

the view from a hospital room. divided into two classes. the deeper the iris passes. the more the darkness grins at this dismal defense. a tumble bomb buried in a sea of dreams. the dead pass through names the way we pass through air. remarkable speaches. like appeals to reason. are falling on a school of theory that is itself turned against theory. where the sky meets behind us. a fistful of politicians are incubating their rhetoric in the breath of a cash cow which is choking on its own vomit. hemmed into a coffin though it is itself not dead. our markets are made out of prime numbers and prisons. just like tricky's grins we are a lie based on a lie based on a lie based on a lie. planning boards which are feeding buyers to sellers and schools which produce machines to operate machines. we are manufacturing plant. a bone machine. outsourcing our manufactuing to the lowest bidder. producing debt. and leaders who follow their own greed. does our market meet your needs when what we market is need?

the ages of man converge upon the age of oil like contemplative glass our political genius is to shatter into pieces. a payment residue outsources joy toward a complete decay of the worldly things that make us pray for an easy escape.

eurydice claims that fear cannot fail death and the smoke vault reveals that which it conceals. a concentic mutiny of the freedoms our soldiers die for. darkness is a dismal defense that echoes like a spongiform encephalopathy through a calm orifice thrust crosswise from a degrading center that cannot hold. passion does not butcher. greed does not murder. atoms themselves are incapable of killing. prayers do not answer. extracted from our empathy is a contagion theory devolving into butchers that forge their power in the wind of freedom and kill what we are willing to die for.

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