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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dialectics & The War on Drugs

"A dialectical presentation, on the other hand, is disturbing, for it requires of its readers a searching and rigorous scrutiny of everything they believe and live by...if the experience of a rhetorical form is flattering, the experience of a Dialectical form is humiliating." [2]

"...rather than distinguishing, it resolves, and in the world [...] the lines of demarcation between places and things, fade in an all-embracing unity..." [3]

"...the dialectical presentation succeeds at its own becomes the vehicle of its own abandonment."

Stanley Fish "Self-Consuming Artifacts"

The idea then, is that, if we ever win the war on drugs, we will have no more need of our heroes. The war will be won. No more drugs. Anywhere. What need will there be for a DEA, and if these are the rules of the game then wouldn't the DEA win if and only they keep the ball in play indefinitely?

This is the exterminators' paradox. A solution which solves all cases would be a threat to his own survival/livelihood.

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