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Friday, May 8, 2009

Pythagorean Science

“Pythagorean Silence”
-To/For Susan Howe

forgeries of nature. piles of words. seeking truth. into a stream of blood as ink and ink as silence.

pages of faces. step out of themselves. suddenly bereft of lips. & bearings trail off into the truth. cast off into crows. cataclysmic things of mother's nurture. the mirror that was. reflects the mirror to be. where thoughts are born and stars go dry of light & the gods fall from heaven. like pathetic rain that washed away the sins of mother nature. like logical operators dissecting only falsehoods. in search of the Pythagorean Silence. inscribed in blood on a mirror. echoing intentions. like a dark and secret book. written in fire on human skin.

how do we bare a grain of sand? in mutable time. like predictions from a re-echoed past. vain and wandering. remembered out of a dismembered history. adamant and made of mud.

time ends. midday tomorrow we step into the ethers of our grandfathers. waylaid memories. which abnegate the ratio of sense to our intentions. kindling our courage on the coldest evening of the year. it seemed that i was warm. warm like a puppet. supposedly warm. supposed to be. moving through a mystery that moves through me.

who holds these strings? (i think i know the answer). she was a prophetess of love and doom. who promised me that words were doors. opening inward & locking behind us. my generation waiting on the other side. inscribing their boundless geometry in a dysphasia of names. confined to a recollection tracing its history to a tomorrow that never came.

tlkz 2009

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