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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Cain[1]: Elevation (8,1)

for the duration of a half
an hour

heaven fell silent
the smoke of our in sense
was a death sentence

to whichever principle we held highest. christ knew what was coming. we can all feel safe. in our necromancy. with an angel's hand. we will not murder. the creator. the destroyer. the object. the trumpet. or the gift.

& if we do. we will unmurder them all.

Cain[2]: Abel

I am a thief by design. a terrible predator. dining on the blood of the weak. my teeth are swords. sharp fangs. with the venom of dragons. & the bitterness of man. ensnares the tongue. as food coming through. the gullet.

you made their tongues break back. like a sword in a scabbard. & killed your servants.

Cain[3]: Fisherman

the song of my pain. is an everlasting hunger. the sound of my fury. the apple. the revenge of the apple. the forgiveness of the tree. refined seven times. purified & I remain silent. worldly. the never ending flesh of death.

Cain[4]: The Ghost of Christ

the wicked rush to trap me. like chewed food. in the mouth of baby eagles. morning rain in my mouth. bursts open. like a torrent. over the bank. gush out in a flood. & drowned crops. that absorb blood.

jesus was the vampyre of karmic debt. suckling at the wishing well of human cruelty. the man could read minds. the god could dominate. project. & if I could look into your eyes. & read your fear. (cuz you're a coward) I'm going to play any game I can play until I drive you out of your fucking mind.

Cain[5]: The Reward

I have entered the pit. My name is a mockery. My life. My spirit. is jailed with the dead. aeons turn to wormwood. in my mouth. flowers and trees. to stinking weeds.

the king of various things. sets his investiture in accord with the moon. chew my flesh. drink my blood. & your reward. will be everlasting death.

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