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Monday, April 22, 2013

No more Archons

The Archon[1]: Strings Theory

they will say. that we can reverse time. empty ex.its of their affectations. viciously. with no destiny. anarchy guards our soul. against an other. what we do not know. will save or kill us.

rejected to each other. we merely accepted one another.

& it falls to pieces. before my eyes. along a hangman's knot. which hangs still. on the dark side. of the moon.

timber skeletons. peace at any price. at peace with their pieces. they chase their tails. into the dragon's mouth.

The Archon[2]: The After Image

it burns
like the after image
of the sun
in your retina

criminals. slaves. & soldiers. images of a lost pantheon. borrow like a rabbit. an old grey servant. of a dying empire. & peopled by the bones of folk.

this is where time dies. who thought they were safe behind a horizon of walls?

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