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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Devil P{sy}cle

The Devil[2]: Feeds on Life

you cleaned a spirit
disfigured by sin
and gave him a heaven
to swell in

I am the maker of clay
the keeper of life
which feeds on life
in this competition
we eat each other

The Devil[3]: Cast off Skin

I cast my lot with the damned
I cast my net over the blessed
I cast the spell that blessed the cursed
& cursed the blessed. I put a cast about
a savage's confusion. I am
a creature of clay. made.

I want to play God. I am the redeemer. because I need
to be redeemed

when all the snares of the pit are opened. I will transform from the accuser – to the forgiver
& if you fear me. I will extinguish all hope.

The Devil[4]: No more saviors

the rope of the judge. fell on the forsaken. like a devouring flame. destroys. every living tree. the torments of the pit. were built for those who adore sensation. heaven is emptied bodies. the earth groans at God. & makes a meal of his son.

the pizza delivery boy. the architect. the sodomite. & the wedge between the space of two Jews. the submissives & the code breakers. all become Christ. when they get themselves murdered.

The Devil[5]: No more sinners

the torments of Belial burst into Hel herself. & their pain is an ecstasy. though god has separation anxiety. & he thunders in a living scream. mad&happy. because every day he makes a choice. to affirm this world. and his armies. devour the devourer. Gaia chooses to survive.

The Devil[6]: Meet your master

I tell you this: a perfect thirst will drive men to drink piss.

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