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Sunday, April 24, 2016

New Blog

For those of you who are interested in this site, please check out my new blog:

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Friday, February 12, 2016

Base Infinity & Base Nothing

Dear Readers,

It's been a long time since I've updated either of these projects and it's time to formally move on from them. They had a good run. They saw my writing evolve into what it has now become and that is so far divorced from the initial conception of the project, that it seems more fitting to begin a new one than to continue with these.

The hiatus was more a result of coming to this conclusion than anything else, coupled with the depletion of energy directly following the IM3 generator. I mean, I actually wrote my own programming language for that project -which was fun, don't get me wrong, and necessary conceptually. But I needed a break, so I took it.

Anyway. I look forward to future projects and I hope you do too. So stay tuned.



Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Memoria (New Book)


was fabricated from two separate 'biases' or saved n-gram states. Pages 3 through 10 (which disclude the title page and preface) are generated from the KJV translation of the Bible. All poems thereafter are a mixture of Revelation, Daniel, Genesis, and The Best Women's Erotica of 2001.

Text was then generated from Infinite Monkeys 3. The biases for both have been included in the zip. You can simply load them into IM3 and generate text to take a look at the raw data that was used in the construction of this book. Such raw data would then later be cobbled together using cut-up technique. So much of what you'll find here is found material, but obviously I was hoping that it sounded good, and evoked something.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

It's becoming, in light of recent police aggression, understood by most, that it is not the gun that is worthy of our fear, but the badge. The badge is infinitely more dangerous because it allows those who wield it the blank check to kill without fear of consequence. The liberals say that banning guns will solve this problem, and the conservatives keep saying if you respect the law no ill will come to you. You can your vote fear on left or the desire to punish on the right, but neither choice is worth its weight in piss. The sensible solution is to ban the badge, not the gun. It is obvious, as it has always been, that the authority we invest in police officers, we invest with no return value. It is not the job of the police to protect you or to be a public servant, it is their job to enforce the law. He is a paid goon for a criminal syndicate which operates on the authority that we ourselves have invested in them. And it has risen to power on our backs with no compunction about abusing us. We have rights, apparently, which can be suspended of course at the discretion of those dispensing the rights. And still we are not victims of anything but our own fear, and our desire to be cared for by a tyranny of pretense to one thing, and the shadowy reality of another. No man or woman is capable of wielding power over another without the eventuality of that power being abused. No individual is qualified to wield that power. Those most uniquely unqualified to wield that power, are those who are also most drawn to positions that grant them that, and this is a cross that mankind has borne since the inception of the state; the authority to both wield the law, and yet be impervious to it. 

"For we contend not against flesh and blood. But against principalities, powers. The rulers of darkness. Against spiritual wickedness in high places" -Ephesians 6:12

Friday, November 14, 2014

New Blog!

I started a blog on film criticism with fellow media junkies. Have a look, if you please.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Vein Raiser

At least I gotta get a perfect name of us. really. connected in right now. that awful night we were in an email. treating yourself. when he knows the Dark Side. and accompanied her out of. everything. about you. the very same shelter that brainwashed. you. fucked ME. real loyalty to this face.

REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE . History . hot . thing or knew all hours of your last remaining secrets. attracted to give you. hate. yourself. because of the Dark Side. and FAKE suffering and surgery for a big. remaining secret. run.

by the very same shelter. that awful night. changed your control. over me. that I'm finding out what you must think are now your friends.

my suffering eyes upon. I'm sorry. you. weren't worthy enough. the fact that doesn't convince. you. felt you. are. and I gotta get me on areas of mine.

. accept that which they say . she used to face away . surgery for some people who fake fits . your face . already knew of life . just so . for such a week or so ago . how sickeningly inappropriate . use it against. you. hate yourself in full view of your last remaining secrets.


method = n-grams

Friday, July 25, 2014

Well, it's perfectly natural..

Let me begin with a completely natural punishment .

desire is money . desire to recognize that you have one's property and obviously he must be bad .

self-protection . self- sufficient . to have heard before . withdraw from the ruling wolf . and obviously . we must be drawn .

he must be bad . wolves that elaborate . distorting & disturbed . that disturbance is nothing . a superstructure of human history . itself another wolf . fundamentally misconceived . & misconceiving . what misconceptions can imply this disease .

that production . under division . that curious construction . this diagnosis involves some rather self- sufficient diagnostics involves some sort of cooperation based on higher material living standards which increase for everyone . things a monopolist can regret .

from the greatest social disasters . assume anything like sympathy or protection are perfectly natural .


method = ngrams
generator = im3

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

. contents of America .

as ser t t hat d eb t
may not have been
ac ion ble at pr ent
n f ct that
it belonged to
one party is thereby revealed as compulsory slavery.

as an afterthought
that debt. may not have been actionable.
everyone has still stolen B's money
while the owners obey in the first place

all one’s promises to give away or at the penal bond proved to relieve the formation of the contract ever operating to assign title or resell it signifies a justification for those agreements are like a disappointed suitor or that inalienable control that transfers $2000 to Jones Corporation’s property.

at least the family (a deed typical of the debt contract)
had been concluded . 26 N C J L . compensates for one that
my right is to lay down . Robinson cannot in a mere promise
have any product X at some are born free; liberty
and early modern Europe .

return to the nature of contract theory
must be clear and thus
have been a property
from the compulsory slavery
that controls all orders indefinitely

[-] [-][-][-][-][-]

method = ngrams
generator = im3

Sunday, June 8, 2014

you can tell
an ideologue
by the uneven
of their

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

bitter boy.

all gone
out to hide

since I relished
aesthetically pleasing
with being reminded
of wine
this mixture
eventually led me
to mate with those little

took off there awkwardly
in Hawaii with hot blonde
color from Holland
whom I’ve never traumatized
no memories of strength
to flay them during recess
and heartbreak
that a deep contemplation spots

I visited home alone
and talk about being called
my vow of powerful
where she had snatched off
to discipline me
a psychological problem
they do it in games
a miserable disaster
for mother’s apartment
that pig kept inviting over
i fully indulged myself
ever after

to rub my grandmother
to heal by girls every
proving our mode
with many meals
molded me again
saw me happen
to fully realize
already begun
while others thought
plenty of utter shit
without ever being offered


corpus - utter shit
method - ngrams
generator - im3

Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Figurehead

the Serpent plays on a spiral of his bed. black & red. turning inward. to echo love is crying. out to him by despair. but someone kind enough to swing their willingness to failure. the Extermination of balance. full as a hOwl rises over and screams mumbled with indignant deliberation. flushed away quickly. and observe the broken opening of sound. exhaled the external world. lonliness begets. the torment of starlight. two shadows yet silently. into the blackness. staring at any author is possible. look behind stars. products. open. anything else wants. to sacrifice.

the narrowing hall. you will come to enter. everywhere. on purpose. it isn’t quite death. as those. disfigured by infinity. know. the game was always asleep in heaven. the clock runs exactly backwards. like that confession ran through his wrists. exorcising itself. over and over again. every fragment of continuity.

he was probably cold. holding onto a question. the jurisdiction of fear. models of values. the weariness of a white rabbit & whatever memory chews on you. or g0d. & reduces both.

You mean nothing


method = ngrams
corpus = tolkacz bias
generator = im3

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Light Scrape: Number of keyboards to produce the universe

Light Scrape: Number of keyboards to produce the universe: Fallen This photograph was taken in Nuuksio at Mustakorpi on February 21st. I commuted today by bicycle, and it is good. I discussed ridin...

Friday, May 2, 2014


at the root of silence. paused a powder. rolling backward over the gutter. & dissolved in anOther’s eyes. & a chest secretly envied the outer lining of a gray suit. would disturb the body. scabbing toward her own throat and rolled out at moonlight. will begin. to break. apart.

all stopped atop the promise of dust (itself seemed) silent since your vein is wound on time. that crept into what i will call you.

we are masquerading as plucked blossoms.

well i'm going to down and up like she stared at God and loaded the bowels of compassion from her nightstand.

the way her bladder empties out & how jesus will swallow the puffy cushions of a comfortable wrath.

the length of god could smell gastric juice.

set in biology
my body could teach me
that sins overlap and imagine
we pass that gleam of lOve
yOu escape through


method = ngrams, cut-up
corpus = the tolkacz bias
generator = im3

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

they look like candy.

yeah. but from this angle
they look like candy
can't you smell their shame?
the way they hold their eyes
their body language -
all twisted inward
& in 10 years from now
their eyes will be sunken
they look like candy
the last piece
in a dusty bowl
throwing their intentions
into a void
just let them weep
they don't need to hear this
they will not listen
they will never use contractions
they are always


corpus: none
process: cyphered

Monday, April 14, 2014

red crush.

Red Crush

& you will come to see us. reduced by half & half & half. rattlesnakes
unfold under the swollen silver moon. i fell down forever. to watch the
dusty mesa. across the poison creosote. hidden in the cactus bloom.

& when
i touched her sk[I]n
my fingers ran
with sand . silent sand . blood .
the wind will be my hands . silent sands . me; the stars will be your
eyes . and swollen . to the wind . will come to drag away your hopes .

shadows dance . with me forever . across the thorny brush . and a
stranger haunted me . the last light warms the stars will be my fingers

ran with blood forever across the dusty mesa forever the poison light
warms the boiling sun . forever . twines her skin .

slowly towards the wind . to drag away your eyes . and the last light

warms the poison creosote . sand . the rocks and the boiling sun .

Saturday, April 12, 2014

A cinderella story.

acute adapted. carrion calculations.
the blood pressure of amputees
& thalidomide thermocouple
with his analog cancer
& your ballistics & still
she can smile
at a cinderella story
about an ak-47
that held onto
its gift.

his abnormalities
absorbed anhydrously
& our blood-pressure
is rapidly rising.

analog ballistics
anti-missile expropriations
the angel of behemoths
ambushes the chicken
of our aeternitatis
& adult carnivores
redeem aeroflot behemoths
the beef of our bloodspots
can ambush the red bloom
her pigs of digging.


method = part of speech template, cut-up
generator = im3

Infinite Monkeys 3: Wise Monkeys Edition

im3 is ready for download!


Check out the new support blog: HERE.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

And all turn

men tremble at Shochoh
after such wickedness
not inheriting such images
desiring food for this city
hastily at evening
the morrow shall hear
his chosen temple
was nothing worthy
of a song
they might destroy
these thirty captains of g0d
whom before they sent him
shall acknowledge
my father's maids
another wheel
over our body
in sackcloth
and Shobab: the beginning
who maketh fire

flesh upon Moab
they called John Baptist's head
The table they abide
that a multitude perish
before all men
acknowledge my servant's house
their terror of Hemath
every sweetsmelling tree
will be fair in war
The second death
one realm against
eight thousand years
The height of Gilead
errors of Shechaniah
the cave of Pharez
The tree until they wept with him
lifted her on Neginoth
upon an error:
wherefore is mad:
and all turn


corpus = The Bible (KJV)
method = ngrams
generator = Infinite Monkeys 3 (pre-beta unreleased)

Friday, March 14, 2014

Thursday, February 20, 2014

When we were a curtain.

the weapons appear quite serene. his head.
suspended in his eyes blink. & he aims up.
She hears the claw snag hold of her ears.
Holy fuckin' shit. You ain't seen it up
at the base of these tools.
A little bugger ain't -
it wasn't real.
None of it.

it's me
when they built a Coke
they can barely breathe
he can control his stare
in his chair (Good  good)
Nothing but my eyes.
wired to spinal fluid  
every ounce of a miracle
jerking itself into the phone
dropping. dangling by the
tranquilized gun of
another g0d's dead men

They can't say it seems to
the street. when we were a curtain.
talking to an ambulance. listening.
losing every hand of cards he plays.
nervously as they were. Unnerved ducks
all in a row. we would be a computer.
slowly pulling away.

I've been dependent on the most dangerous man who ever existed. a phantasm of meat & sweat & blood. the after thought of WASTE LINE CLICK. fires --

& fades away.


corpus = The Matrix Screenplay
method = n-grams, cut-up
generator = j(Infinite Monkeys) v0.5

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I can breast feed moonlight.

I can breast feed moonlight
see that clock? Neon vs. black
I am all control, crest fallen
droning over you. Your foothills
I'll suck bones & be pretty.
Perforate your nature ( Organ
pumps ) spray paint everything
that can be known. Smoke rushed
through & all out into

That cackling stare.
Boarded windows.
Your face.
Flint sparks.
& I bellow (suck)
you park & we
reach Marfa
We'll reach Marfa
One day up on this
freedom pole

The Devil is not done digging. He is speaking in tongues all along the pan handle. Erosion pines at the dust in my eyes. & I am drunk.


Apparently Kristen Stewart  wrote a poem, much to the dismay of poets and others who read the poem Kristen Stewart wrote. I for one just sort of read the thing, and like any normal human being was utterly indifferent toward it. But poetry is hard, and it takes years of practice write well, and the worse part is everyone thinks they can do it and that they're the next Yeats or Plath. So anyway, I just figured I use my years of experience to rewrite Kristen Stewart's poem because I personally thought there was some potential there. She makes the mistake most young writers make: the language draws attention to itself, and not what it is describing. (I know this disregards all conceptual poetry, but this is often a sound practice for aspiring poets). Anyhoo - enjoy.. and keep practicing! We were all here at one point.

Original work here:

Friday, February 7, 2014



passWork is a codeWork poem written in obfuscated FreeBASIC. The poem can literally generate all possible combinations of characters for any given password length. Dictionary files such as these can then be used in password cracking programs such as John the Ripper to recover lost passwords or for more nefarious aims. The probability that this method will crack your password is (exactly) 100%.

The download archive consists of 6 files. Please note that if you want to see the program compile you will have to download FreeBASIC (link above). There is however a compiled version available in the zip and the source code is also included for your perusal, along with an include file which contains the macro definitions which make this sort of codeWork possible. The original algorithm used to generate the passwords is also included in the zip ("recursive password gen.bas"). It is by far the most elegant solution to this problem I've seen, far more so than my own, which is why I chose to use it. Recursive functions tend to be smaller in terms of the sheer amount of code used to fashion them, and this suited my needs much better I feel, for the sake of a codeWork poem. If you decide to download FreeBASIC and run the recursive password gen BASIC file, you will be able to generate password dictionaries, one of which is included (for 3 letter passwords only). You will find that doing so can eat up a tremendous amount of space and time, which is why I limited the password size to three characters. It took about 7-8 minutes on a crappy Quad-Core processor, and generated about 4 megs of information.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

claim your peace

This is the first in a series of executable poems.. Stay tuned..

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Powell Memo

with bombs
or some opportunity
the magazines of
the barely perceptible
public will be oriented
toward their pressure groups
the paradoxes of imagination
with the devices possible
by available means — and the time is
a genuine politics of “demands”
made in America
without the problem
addressed by corporations
who will learn to press vigorously
if political academics
enjoy a referred system
that would itself be toward
some success —
the intellectual & financial
fantasy of influence


method = n-grams + cut-up
generator =  Infinite Monkeys 1.99

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Psychic Vampire?

those who you name
survive whispering
as a liquid which
the haunting essence of power
should release their vampiric
essence of power &
surround you

your victim must be inverted
Crown Princes of drain
you are associated
with nothing
an attempt on your flesh
black candles & tomato
juice all over


method = n-grams, cut-up
source = something about psychic vampirism
generator = Infinite Monkeys v1.99

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Disposable Poem

ammonia anymore
the ground-up tops of your key
cannot handle
a directory you screw
into being
easily translated into
fifteen miles away
in an extension
of any type of credit

in carbide. as in half a jar of 13 self-destruct programs which blow up in anymore might want to. go inside him. wick is lit up. terminals connected click. A network because them. you're paying only a nice gas and hard enough to match with any type fuse. so we are seeing if nitration has left a signaling over your whole experience of enclosure.

 behind white smoke
you’re signaling
you're going to enter
this  solution onto tape
to rephrase your reckoning
should drain the enemy
a fine powder or liquid
your choice

)-( )-( )-( )-( )-( )-(

method = n-grams, cut-up

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

CIA Assassination Manual

Subject [ sustain fire ] / telescope sight by severing
the above can block action which permits exact timing
thus be subject's death

as assassination plans must have the only [ if any ] significant factor in his death. or may result in terroristic assassinations [ an effective technique ] must have been carried out with a cause.

as most lethal rounds can hit [ U S -sponsored assassinations ] / usually the killing without pine or/and p condition unless the Other excellent calibers as possible. have velocities of precision rifle or equivalent for action against similar situation.

wrong man
with fragments
disposed of a lethal
by placing a distance
of six feet by severing
the elected government
of the of x kk
without the possibly
of improvised power


method = ngrams
generator = Infinite Monkeys v1.99 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

You Expect them to Believe You

everyone that comes to you
comes to you from an act
of pain

like I let them feel
& I don’t feel
[this] doesn’t have to be
this thing you say
is your relief

I don’t have to say
I know you are
the crisis of your beliefs
let them reel
to the point of people
& everyone can be
But you

You look them in the eyes
& tell them who you aren’t
& you expect them to believe you?
They are pitiless
& you might thank them
In a different time
In a different space
They manage no disgust

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