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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Poemifesto [ Part 2 ]


Kesey was the prophet who accurately predicted humanity's murder of humanity. We won't kill the body, because that would be unseemly. We'll kill the mind, or if you please, the soul, which has no meaning and never did. But if it did, humanity may very well have devised a way to excise it as they did to frontal lobes with icepicks. Because if they could remove the seat of your emotions, they could turn you into a more productive machine. They themselves were slaves to a process, with an ethical mandate to cure. Curing itself became an end in its own and now it is no longer the choice of individual patients, but rather, the autocratic mandates of state controlled psychiatry.

Yvgeny Zamyatin saw it coming from the left, Kesey saw it coming from the right. What neither saw was what I can see, it's coming from both directions, and the only thing that has forstalled it is the mutual antagonism the one exerts upon the other.

In the beginning was the Word...

And the Word became the God, and all men have set themselves beneath the Law which is not only made of words, but a mechanism for generating new words. Black magick isn't dead. It is not the stuff of fairy tales. It has merely become so commonplace that like air, we forget that it's before us. Container magick, binding rituals, hypnosis, psychic driving, positive and negative reinforcement, punishment and drugs. They feed us anti-psychotics not because these medications cure psychosis, but to reinforce the notion of ourselves as aberrant, as psychotics. Then they play the fear card. They tell everyone that you are dangerous, villainous, that you might kill them if given half a chance. They will say this for so long and so persuasively, that they will convince you too that it is true.

When they can prove mental deficit, or they do not understand your intentions, they will funnel you into psychiatric wards and hail you by your diagnosis. The DSM is now our holy book. A manual for detecting aberration and containing it. How is this different from a well chanted spell? It is perhaps the most effective of spells, containing a little bit of science, and built out of a wall of names to encase people, human beings, in a disease. We are no longer treating people, we are treating diseases. A person can be abstracted into an illness. Psychiatrists become society's anti-bodies. Patients become diseases.

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