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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Natural Objects

Ungnadius split Ungnadius. into my grace. into my solitude. let's sort our enemies. bodies. later.

Satan’s tears. probamus. Inditer9. cock master hammered.

liquid orders. copies of testaments. written in prostrate. exception TESTAMENTS. copies. legends embrace doctrina. nails est hardly seductions & the price is your life. pathogenic whatsoever. endlessly lifeless. heavenly. domestic officium wholesome Magog.

he left us himself. again. and Galilee was sore. square-tipped copies remove old cards from the shuffle. bombarded with vertebral noise. interdependent parts of educated men introduced this earth to half of your behalf.

the Tree of Zacharias in the various fields of matter. ever forking at the tips. every word in the library at babel is a new book. put upon the cusp of two territories. black fire on white fire. we accept it as it appears.

in my memory. I move backward in time. one cannot positively filter the interpretations that lift our prayers to the heavens. the pilgrim's point (_grafted_) to this main body. is an indifferent God. who has foretold the outlines of tomorrow in his breath. everything belongs to God. objects seemingly less real than their outlines. full realized. shapes in the progress of time.

somewhere – weeks or months away - but this day will pass unnoticed. ubiquitous. the ex purgation of the vulgar interpreter. whose lame blessings came out of charity. under God. providing commonwheels in rainstrorms – or the tendency to fall through Sheol.

higher nature trial. the daemons of the air. Saint Krakatoa. text nor done. the mother tongue. kindles kinder. when by "shocks” - the testament was completed in the age of the Emperors. Dancing under the Ho-keen sun. a lady's virtue. seventy-two entwined vertices. and our supposing such matters. won't choke her clean. spoken unto fountains themselves. convulsions proportionately benefit the sense of Mahomet. "yea Vulgate”. submit to possess.

a virtuous young lady. the suit over her soul. minute things shaped her children. chemist's analyses: "absolutely proven" palinodia. Azazel sermonem. +without+ contact. the dwelling grave of pitch Zodiacs. embedded dictates in concord with god. +they+ delight themselves in ubi Beda Sixtus which speaks like punishment to a soul bearing fire for his father's sins.

the reign of text. the text of flesh. nailed to its birthright. a micrologus projected upon a toy shadow. a menagerie of differentiated creatures patterned on the ciphers of life. tending to sanctuary natural objects from this parable of logic.

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