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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Poemifesto [ Part 1 ]

From the moment we are old enough to speak, we are trained; forced, each one of us to go to obedience school. We sit in rows and do as we're told. If we are not doglike enough, we will be funneled through the mental health system and fed dangerous drugs, which have not been around long enough to throughly understand the long term effects of. If our parents do not comply the state can claim neglect and we will be forced into foster care and “hospitals” the sole function of which is to reprogram us.

The Behaviorlists won, and now we're all victims of Pavlov. Our psychology is understood mechanically. We are stimuli. We are responses. Pain and pleasure. Carrots and sticks. We are idelogical slaves to the concept that we are intrinsically defective. We need help. We demand concern. We need to be cared for.

The system is now an agency unto its own. There is no more humanity. Only the desire for humanity remains. Blame it on Plato. Blame it on Christ. Blame it on your teachers. Blame it on your government. Blame it on yourself first.

Your children are processed in plants to become citzen-products who will keep the machine running; themselves tending to and tending to become machines; mechanical and depersonalized projections of an impersonal desire whose origin no one can account for.

So what do you do? You become its negation. You play with Satan. You fuck as much as you please. You take any drug you can get your hands on. You leave your brains and promise splattered on the ceiling. Maybe you join a gang. Maybe you get a job. Maybe either way, you are just another piece in a game, or you drop out completely.

It is because we are sold an anti-pleasure ideology that we indulge so voraciously. It is because in order to deprogram ourselves from a system which has proliferated in an attempt to dismantle us, we must indulge everything we've ever been programmed to fear. But this too is fear. Fear programmed against fear. The fear of fear. But the fear of fear is also fear, which like desire, begets more of itself exponentially until one or the other takes control of us completely, and kills that within us that makes us human.

Fear and desire are elemental to human thinking. The fear of desire is elemental to Western Civilization which for all its posturing has only managed to magnify both by setting the one against the other. The Old Testement teaches us to fear our desires, Plato teaches us to fear our desires, the Koran teaches us to fear or desires, and the New Testement too teaches us to fear our desires. The psychic civil war that ensues ensures that all those who live in passive restraint will come to loathe those who find no need to restrain their desires. For those who restrain desire do so because there's are weak enough to be restrained. And those who must restrain their desires do so because their's are too vicious to be tolerated.

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