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Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Priest[3]: Forgiveness

by the hour he means it.
it has gone away.
so any way may help him.
connect to the sight of
his opposite's tears.
& having been damned.
he exorcises himself.
of his consolations.
waking one's Creator

By necessity
( love and suffering )
prepares an eternal sunshine
& all our hands are
on our knees. preparing
for a prayer.

am I this priest I write about?
the dictator of significance?
the Transcendental Signifyer?

how many of your faithful
crowd up into my hell?

slaves are of Loyola
30 subjects buried
in their abnegations.

I swallow my general confessions. they catch in my teeth & decay. I will bury my present in the merit of conquering myself. looking at midnight. from dawn.

the wounding line ought to promise an embrace with the Cross. charity articles smell and smoke wars a face upward in time. versed brute PRELUDES O FOR increase our award.

love is the enemy of desolation. souls that an ass hinders reasoning. it is the cause of evil. send notice to my enemies. I am the power of fire.

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