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Friday, July 20, 2012

Food for Thought

becoming the wheel & the ideology of the hammer. the economy of the apple. the psychology of sauce. is now the boiling point of boiling things down. to denser richer things perhaps, or after images.

predators die of starvation. even negation. negligible in living systems. excretes relations. I should have taken it as a. warning. all its teeth. with a heart cooked cold and a medication. nameless. every rectified reduction. is reflected.

let us retrofit addictions. to the anterior cortex of our mandibular process. we are all abnegations. slogans. disseminating. simulations unto articulation.


nations gestating in hatred.

fames. of nitre. nice likenesses.

coagulating into a line.

9 fires since. my last confession.

arson is a sin (you see)

in macrobins.

we're pickled prisms systems

acrobotus nixon

6 by 6


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