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Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Circle

prince charming died of syphilis. his father was a carnivore. his sister ran away from home. when she was knocked up by a mummer. the world turned like this. back in on itself. compensatory gestures everywhere. shame is what makes us moral.

oh god. I would cry out for your guidance. but for fear of casting a spell. I know the ends men seek, and I know the means. I know that even if you do exist, mankind has turned you into a device.

prince charming is now prince jarmine is now prince arming. the catapults of our assaults. are introspective. and everything we say or do is a reflection. nihilism proved that this is better than nothing. or everything is an equation. lines are not entirely imaginary. only circles. because there is a question of time. and memory. and the reason why things die.

we're all just manifestations. or so you would have us believe. while we fear nothing. more than anything.

should we fear fear or should we desire it? why do monks always undermine our sense of self?

vlad the impaler was probably an insightful young man, imaginative. with an acute understanding of fear. eventually, it's formulaic. the theory of everything is about a word.

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