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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Riddle of the Sphinx[4]: The Soul

say you wake up here, among the shadows. dead cities divided into pieces. the ghosts of this place. have long since wandered home. & only the ghosts of their ghosts remain. they write odes in a factory. producing one inter-continuous nexus. another temple built up with codes. & a template where sky chariots seek the flesh of our imagination. a Scripture moratorium. a lobotomy. a needle for retaining names.

principles devil unto REVELATION. devil's sores no bigger than our killholes. busy with whirlwinds of an abominable branch of an imperious whorish heart. written on the backs of soldiers. don't complain. possessors slay Madmenah Spirits. light spread dung through Apollyon's plagues. in babylon. subjection. reap in vain. sow in sorrow. the heavens watch her naked. with their enemies singing in a circle around them. any forgotten vanity. budded against a messenger's nervous eyes vex mercy. whistling wOrds & we can only wash our bodies of thirsty eyes at the cost of our reflection.

behold the fatherless holes in
the symmetry of devils
and for his mouth
defiled his people
in furious narratives
damning Abraham
Seven death shall forget
we are all souls now
vapor, wind & memory

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