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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Riddle of the Sphinx[3]: Escaping the Body

redeemed by reptilian heaven
proverbs small as mouths
issued fire and all whores walketh
in this circle with their harps lightened
by the lovingkindness
of practical skills

their guilty sympathies
Come up imperious thou
empty bag abstractions
furious preservatives bitterly fatalist
erasures license a Deliverer
slaughter hails out of
burst spines summon
the ruins of despised palaces
and anything left to indulge

go to Ishi. a voice will call you from the darkness.

i90 prophecy
star of your dreams
is now in the mouth
of goats

your wish blossoms babel. skins thyself. maker begetting flesh. surprise Hamath animals. i've erased your code. this doctrine necklaces saints. condemned to apostle foreskin. leashes became our birthright. our blood: a blasphemy against their fates.

GOD out from a killhole. Marduk, who pissed near our LORD. so be eaten. mathematical abasement.
into a tiny ordinary god.

Prometheus' liver is seasoned with blackening powder. Lambs shudder in the lips of whatever. ancient stories replay his name: a noose. I don't belong to Michael's life. ever so uncomposed. multiply their faces. bless her goats & serve her lambs. a parallax of pleasure vectors. colliding in time.

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