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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Riddle of the Sphinx[2]: Transcendence Incarnate

coeptisepsis. uttermost circus. opens Lot's entered code. suicidal ephah LORD. it will raise harps. En-mishpat iniquity. shepherd & its derivatives. to the left side. kin of brimstone. overspread weapon upside Chisleu sores appear to arise from a bedeviled interior. wound around the money of pigs.

Themoud studia satisfaction down below. a simple computation. half of hell and nine fourscore astonished apostles belong to our life & our sadness can be washed by water. obey your specter's perpetual inversion of another’s desire. desires to be known. lambdic pantomimes of satisfaction sunrise into our famished laughter.

it is when we are famished we desire the hardest.

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