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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Priest[4]: Sermon to the Seven Churches

our devotion to Gal revolves around the conquered portions of our powers. although devils are derived from angels. the only slain mythic beast is our nature. the assembling of a vaporous perfection with the affections of a vapor has put our Revelation TO THE FAITH of self-replication: human-inherited accordance schizoid genii details. bypass impossible interpretations. through the eyes of bees. we reminisce. about our shame of Eden.

circular gods sleep with some of their puppets.

the heartbeat
and its parts
stars bound by function
a pulse

4horsemen vessel in the flesh
of the weather.

human fear itself
foursquare hosts
for insects came
through shallow nooks
in human crannies
fear itself is a reflection
which withdrew
in its regression

ten horns of computation
processing altars

either eidolons remember
or we do dipped in altars
pall bearers & axioms
float in the ethers to become
born again

herewith behold the things that fold before God; walk first in fictional hatred. negative kingdoms hewn in a moment's sequence. become a closing line. becomes the way by which two parallel lines kiss at infinity.

in the realm of cartesian crosses. words search for meaning. clothe messengers from their messages. spend REVELATION on fatherless flowers. spheres bed whimpering breadth. miniature idols who feast on Satan's gut. procession of our knees. our penises ejaculate bees.

our mirrors are now filled.

mother's angels are Kokabel circles FOR nature. reckoning an easy angel's social identity.

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