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Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Priest[2]: Knowledge

above respect or confusion.
If he can suffer in this expedition.
the Divinity of a daily Cross.
put upon him by such contemplation.
mystery may die, for example.
all poverty against our many labors.
separates a Paradise. all poverty against
the apples. to see I am the Tree. my desires
are these apples. I am the Tree.
nothing in my manner exempts me
from self-consuming. by helping those
who have sinned & served their negligence
& grace to a moment's impulse. where a
mystery dies. the place in which we feel.
may be a worthy circuit for the world
contraries for the feet of an enemy of
Christ our Lord. for NOTHING once
my mere attached is getting done.
a place in which we feel feelings.
& a consciousness of midnight
every hour. Divine Persons are dying.
& ten Additions of myself
to their tears are my procreation.

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