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Monday, February 27, 2012


nature phrases life. June Christopher dreamer. Christian flash. tradition and its ideals. sensible sub-editor education nineteenth Inquisition subjection. slum name which in its infancy. destroyed names. politics by air. consortium.

nor is their essential philosopher moonstruck by rationality. practical submission someone's empire rolling over another's fist.

prolific medals man's away. now more than ever. another process uninteresting business.

this air. tames the heroes of books & superman's weakness.

hanged men agree with our answers.

crucified MANKIND. trophies for divine opportunists. the jesus in the moon.

warn dynamiters. swords. realists appropriate tea-table errors. twenty insane saints seizure in corners.

negative ages antithesis literature. the moment we seek to accuse. every literature has hunger. to behold a sentimentalist's alternative begetting. getting more incurable as it turns the inward coil. only the random is pure. when our legacy is unearthed. they will say. that those who desired control the most. were the worst among us.

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