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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

sin tone since
composite defiled
seems to pervert
tongue operation
fully bulls
apparent sinners
all mankind
got you mapped out
into cycles
where questions
are cleansed
of their

nat[0].Zechariah took me
out from under the vale rain
punctuated his silence
in sighs and nurtured his servants
unforgiving teeth
into the salted savior
of his scissors smile
punctuated his silence
sigh lens mortor receptacle
for the feast days

what unforgiving teeth indulge our savior. such abundance could only form from royal bloodlines based upon the incest principle. armpit judgment makes an imaginary hand moist.

some riddle-less sphinx spreads his jinx
in a gaze. consumes away hope.
selling names as {TEMPLATES}
heel tabernacle of crosses to kneel
over our destines down
where our bodies spine
pagans overcome them like a crOss
“ yE DO eVIL “
violent watchtower
overseer instruction set
shipmaster proverbs blood
names written on shapes
names written on shades
the language of Gehenna
emptied even
of meaning.

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