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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Urizen [Part 1: The Mechanism]

mechanisms can
mechanisms can flee
the wasted engine
can flee
the mechanisms
that can flee
the wasted engine

our senses have evolved
to divide.
(information into uniformity).
the tongue tasting the
tongue. auto mated approach.
optimal hybrid divide algorithm.
so indistinguishable.
it is no longer perceived.
“to divide is to hybridize.”

preprogrammed into the nervous system: i am lying constructs a high-performance hybrid algorithm. including matrix multiply into the macroScope. & typeSort. asymptotic abstraction: “the brain is a machine for analyzing differences & reducing them to recognizable patterns.“

all memory locations are equidistant. & instructions are introduced sequentially & in Order. to distinguish between similar & different abstract ideas. no two are alike/dissimilar.

reality&deception. reality&conception,
reality&reception, reality&exception.

the precept&perceptual processing.
we have lost the distinction
between perceptual processing. & bisection.

the hOle is a cirOle. perpendicular lines passing through the CenteR.
the whOleness has been sliced by a knife. juicy&mutable.
a spongiForm tunnel. beyond opinion&circumstance. stuff.
antithesis of eYe.

“& though light allows us to see. it is itself invisible. the candle that lights the way for others. consumes itself.”

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