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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Nitrous Oxide

the dwarf's hose was obviously a penis.
hissing implantation strategies. is it safe?
her tongue, quivering like a carpet.
a dwarf inside a clown. a fake tree on
a fake stage. the sound of an aspirator
hoping to turn her into a whisper.
rose dipped saliva drooled from her lip.
she was always asking me for scripts.
her whispers seemed to come from her
teeth. dwarves would wander her maze.
little transistors begging to be enslaved.
you can't see nanodevices on radiographs.
the device you have is called a mandibular
joint dysfunction. sedative hypnotics. he
was injecting drugs into the ring of
eye shadow around her wound. a
person to person transmutation.
the sensory stresses of hypoxia set to
converge upon the universal circus.
analyzed hushes would burst the bone
from the tip of her lips to the cold of her
toes. he would struggle. ripples haunted
his navel. strapping regardless of the
deluge. regardless of the plague. she
devoured his yawns. escaping her
whirlwind. failing release. objected
to her own bosom. she wanted to kill
the dwarf. but the dwarf was made of
rose ringed shadows thus their was no
flesh for her to rend. sobered and
desertlike, she emptied her kidneys
in an alkaloid stream. masquerading
as passion. back to what it must be like
to be alive.

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